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If you are a new student, please contact us for more information before you register: or 604-684-2325. You can register online, or in person in our office. The LCC Online Registration system is an easy and secure way to sign up for classes or programs. For In-Person Registration, please make an appointment.

Step One

Choose a course or program that interests you,  read all about it on its web page. Especially, review the entrance requirements.

Step Two

Before you register for the first time (or if you’ve been away for more than a year), you need to show your English level.  To show proof of English proficiency, do one of these two things:

  • Send a copy of your official scores to with your name and the program you want. Assessments that have expired will not be accepted. OR
  • Take our free online English assessment.

Step Three

Register for your course or program.

 LCC can give you a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) if you need to apply for a study permit or co-op study and work permits.

How to register

If you have any questions with the registration process on our website, please find instructions in your own language below:

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If you have already taken our free English assessment test, you can click on the program that you want, and register online.

Contact one of our registrars if you need help.

Our Programs

Each program has its own page. Check them out for details!

English Programs

You can choose and combine courses to work on the skills you need.

Study part-time or full-time, online or in person!

Co Op Programs

Study and work in Vancouver! Add to your resume and gain Canadian work experience.

Diploma Programs

LCC’s diploma programs help you prepare for your future career in Canada or other countries.