Services and Other Fees

Student Certificates, Diplomas and Diploma Transcripts

  • If requested within one month of program completion: Free
  • If reprinted or requested one month or more after program completion: $10

Official Transcripts: $30

Official Letters

  • Including ID letters and letter reprints: $10

Student ID cards: $15

Bank Transfer Service Fee: $45

Copy of Receipts: $15

Fees for course changes, schedule changes and postponements

Changes before starting your program

  • Change requested more than 2 weeks before your start date: $50
  • Change requested less than 2 weeks before your start date: $100

After starting your program

1st change fee $100
2nd change fee $150
3rd change fee $200
4th change fee $300

Terms and conditions:

  • Changes can only be made if there is a seat available in your requested course (we recommend asking 4 weeks ahead).
  • If needed, you will receive a new letter of acceptance.
  • Make-up classes will not be provided for students starting their courses late.
  • Some changes, such as course transfers, may require payment of additional tuition fees.
  • You must provide a valid reason for the course or program change, and it must be due to circumstances that you cannot control.
  • You cannot transfer your classes to another person.
  • If you are in a co-op program and want to change your diploma course, you must fill out a change request form and have it signed by a registrar.

Late Payment Fees

Students can divide their tuition fees into more than one payment; this is called an Installment Plan. All installment plan payments must be on time.

Installment Plan Late Fees: $50 will be charged for invoices paid after the due date.

Registration Fees

Canadian citizens and permanent residents: $30

International students

  • Short Term Focus Courses: $50
  • Part-time Courses (7.5 – 15 hrs/week): $100
  • Full-time Courses (15+ hrs/week): $150
  • Diploma Programs: $150
  • Co-op Programs: $250

Returning Students

  • Returning students do not need to pay a registration fee for the same course again if they have been away for less than a year.
  • If they have been away from classes for more than one year, returning students need to have their English level assessed again and pay a new registration fee.

Students Enrolling in a Diploma or Co-op Program

  • Current students must pay the applicable fee for the program in which they are enrolling.

Registration fees are not refundable.