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This policy applies to all LCC students.

Under rare circumstances, it may be necessary for LCC to dismiss a student.
LCC may dismiss a student from a program on any of the following grounds:

  • for violent and harmful acts

Behaviour which is violent or causes harm to other students, LCC staff, volunteers, facilities or equipment can cause the immediate dismissal of the student from the program. Any acts of this type will not be tolerated.

  • for behavior which negatively affects student progress or LCC’s school environment

In cases where the participant’s progress is affected by repeated absences, lack of punctuality, severe negative attitude, or by chronic failure to meet the program and/or funder’s expectations, LCC may consider dismissing the student.

The process by which such a student may be dismissed from a program is as follows:

  1. Verbal warning: The Manager will meet with the participant to discuss the issue and agree on remedial action. (Translation will be provided for participants with a low level of English).
  2. Written warning: If there is no change in the behaviour, the Manager will give the participant a letter outlining the ways in which the participant has failed to meet LCC’s standards of behaviour, the changes that are required, a time limit for those changes, and the consequences of not changing the behaviour.
  3. Dismissal: If there is still no change in the behaviour within the time limit specified in the written warning, a dismissal letter may be issued by the Director of the LCCS division.

LCC’s Dismissal Policy