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Attendance leads to success!

Aside from meeting the learning outcomes of each course, students must meet the attendance requirements listed on the course outline. If students are absent from class, they can request missed materials from their teacher the following day. Make-up classes are not provided for absences, regardless of the reason.

Your teachers will give you their email addresses on the first day of classes. Please email them if you need to miss a class for a good reason; if your absence is not avoidable, it may not count against you. If you miss classes in a diploma program, you will have to make up the work in order to pass. Make-up classes or tutorials can be arranged for a fee.

The minimum attendance requirements are as follows:

  1. For Comprehensive English and Test Preparation Programs, you must attend at least 80% of classes to receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  2. For Special Focus Short-Term courses, you must attend at least 70% of classes to receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  3. For Career Diploma Programs, you must attend at least 85% of classes to receive a Diploma.
  4. For Co-op Diploma programs, you must fulfill the attendance requirements of your Career Diploma programs and at least 80% of your elective courses in addition to attending the Work component and post-work tutorial to receive a Co-op Diploma. Please check the course outlines for the requirements of each course.

Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements listed above, and have not made alternative arrangements with their teacher, will not receive a Certificate of Achievement (for Certificate programs) or a Diploma (for Diploma programs).

Download LCC’s Complete Attendance Policy