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This policy applies to all LCC students.

Teachers record attendance in all classes every class.

In addition to meeting the learning outcomes of each course, students must meet the attendance requirements of 80% unless otherwise specified in the course outlines. If students are absent from class within the guidelines of the attendance policy as specified below, they can request missed materials from their teacher upon their return. Students must inform their teacher of their absence in order to arrange alternative ways to successfully complete your program.

As per the course and program outlines, the minimum attendance requirements are as follows:

  1. For Comprehensive English and Test Preparation Programs, students must attend at least 80% of classes to receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  2. For Special Focus Short-Term courses, students must attend at least 70% of classes to receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  3. For Career Diploma Programs, students must attend at least 80% of classes to receive a Diploma.
  4. For Co-op Diploma programs, students must fulfill the attendance requirements of their Career Diploma programs and at least 80% of their elective courses in addition to attending the Work component and post-work tutorial to receive a Co-op Diploma. Please check the course outlines for the requirements of each course.
  5. For TESOL Diploma Program, students must attend at least 85% of classes in each course to receive a Diploma.

Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements listed above, and have not made alternative arrangements with their teacher, will not receive a Certificate of Achievement (for Certificate programs) or a Diploma (for Diploma programs).

Approved absences are allowed only for special circumstances (eg. sickness, job interview, immigration hearings etc). Students must bring proof of the reason for their absence to be granted an approved absence.

If students miss classes in a diploma program, they must make up coursework to meet the academic requirements and pass the course. At the discretion of the Instructional Coordinator, students may be required to repeat courses or attend tutorials at an additional cost for significant absences (eg. more than one day per week in a diploma program).

Students who do not meet the attendance or learning requirements listed on the course outlines and cannot make up the work may request a Certificate of Participation instead of a Certificate of Achievement or Diploma. A Certificate of Participation will acknowledge students’ registration in the program and the number of hours they attended.


LCC’s Attendance Policy (PDF)

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Starting from October 20th, 2020, LCC can accept international students who are currently outside Canada.

Students who receive a study permit and plan to enter Canada must contact us to receive further instructions and documents which must be signed and submitted before travelling to Canada during COVID-19.

LCC COVID-19 Safety Plan and Protocols

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