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Course Overview

Improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing! General English covers all the major components of learning English.

Each week students learn and apply new, expanded English skills with classmates. Students also use computers to practice the topics learned in class. Instructors encourage active participation as well as completion of assigned homework.


  • Be 17+ years old. If a student in any program is under the age of 19, a parent or adult guardian must sign their contract.

Before registering for a course students will need to provide proof of English proficiency. This can be done by providing a valid IELTS, TOEFL, CLBPT or CELPIP score or by taking LCC’s English Assessment. 

Don’t know your Canadian Language Benchmark level? Please view our English competency chart.

Don’t know your Canadian Language Benchmark level? Please view our English competency chart.
Students will be placed in a level specific General English class based on their English assessment scores or proof of English proficiency.



Learning Outcomes

  • Use new grammar and vocabulary in conversations and writing

  • Improve reading skills such as scanning and identifying from context

  • Speak more fluently and listen more accurately with in-class discussions

Course Information

There are several ESL levels, and teachers recommend when students should change levels. Students can also ask their teacher’s permission if they want to change levels. Students can stay at one level for up to a year without repeating material.

Start Date
any Monday (morning course)
6 weeks
Mon - Thurs
9:30AM - 12:00PM
any Monday (afternoon course)
6 weeks
Mon - Thurs
12:30 - 3:00PM
any Tuesday (evening course)
8 weeks
Tues - Thurs
6:30 - 9:00PM
If you are an immigrant or citizen do NOT register online. Please bring your ID to our registration office for a discounted tuition price.

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