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Benefits of LCC’s Leadership Preparation Diploma (LPD) Program

February 19, 2020

As the newest program offered at ISS Language and Career College of BC, the Leadership Preparation Diploma (LPD) program is unique among the programs offered and serves a valuable need for newcomers to Canada. This course is ideal for ambitious students planning to achieve positions in leadership or management in their chosen fields of work.

With an emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, deep discussion, and teamwork, the Leadership Preparation Program imparts invaluable soft skills such as confidence, professionalism, strong verbal and written communication skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence. These skills are necessary for success in the Canadian workplace.

Here are the experiences of two recent graduates of the course:

“Firstly, [the Leadership] course was really helpful for my professional field as a project manager because the topics were always focused on how to be an effective leader in terms of skills, personality, innovation, teamwork, motivation and decision-making. In addition, the teacher always collaborated with students to solve doubts and explain all the topics clearly.

Secondly, the lessons and presentations that I did with my classmates were really interesting and productive because it helped me to know how to work with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and different personalities. This is a vital way of increasing your ability to work collaboratively and to lead difficult people. Finally, I am satisfied with this course because I am aware of the importance of being a useful and competent leader.”                                                     

-Diana (Colombia)

“I loved the program because it is designed to show potential leaders some ways to become a better person through a combination of communication tools and personal development tools. Additionally, it allows the students to interact and learn with people of different cultures in class.

What I like the most about the program is the content of the curriculum. It is definitely full of useful information that we can apply to both our personal and professional lives. I found a way to keep all of the LPD’s classwork materials because most of them have excellent examples or explanations about how a person can develop his/her leadership skills and also how he/she can become a better leader.”

-Anderson (Brazil)

When put into practice, the lessons learned in the LPD program can help students land jobs, help them thrive in their current positions, foster strong working relationships with their colleagues, and even get promoted.

All students looking to build better relationships and develop leadership skills are welcome!

By Daniel Fagan