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Co-Op Programs

Our Career Co-op Programs will get you working in Canada! Choose subjects related to your interests, and gain valuable skills that you can apply in the workplace. Our co-op programs are a minimum of 48 weeks up to a maximum of 112 weeks in length.

Learn English

Our programs are designed to improve the English skills of ESL students. Students can start at any level from Literacy to Advanced and are placed in the appropriate course, from which they can work their way to higher levels.

Diploma Programs

Our 8-week diploma programs introduce students to fundamental skills that will help them understand Canadian workplace culture while gaining new skills that can be applied in their jobs.

Testing and Training

The Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test (CLBPT) is a streamlined assessment tool. It is task-based and looks at the four primary language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking), and is aligned with the Canadian Language Benchmarks levels 1 – 8. Additionally, ISS Language and Career College of BC can help you assess your current or future employees’ language skills. Whether for internal promotion or during recruitment, our language tests will assist you in finding the right candidates.

TESOL Diploma Program

The eight-week TESOL Diploma blended course is done online through daily video lessons and real-time online classes with a qualified TESOL Instructor.


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Many of our classes start every week so you can easily choose when your classes start and how long you want to study.


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“I highly recommend studying at LCC. It’s not expensive, but the teacher and material quality are very high and the atmosphere is perfect for international students. Other students told me that it is better than other ESL schools, not only because of the tuition, but the activities and class size as well. I’m happy to be a university student now. If I hadn’t come to LCC, I’d never have gone to university!”


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For almost 30 years, LCC has helped students meet their English and career goals.

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LCC is known as the best value school in Vancouver, with almost 90% of our students hearing about us through word of mouth. Our college offers a fun and friendly learning environment where you can make lifelong friends from around the world.

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