Workplace English


ISS Language and Career College of BC can help you assess your current or future employees’ language skills.  Whether for internal promotion or during recruitment, our language tests will assist you in finding the right candidates. 

 Following the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates as well as the areas they should focus on to meet your standards. 

Program options 

The English in the Workplace Program is one of three main corporate English programs offered by LCC.
Consider the aims and goals of your company and employees when deciding which of these program options best fits your needs.  

English in the Workplace Program 

  • Intended for any type of support staff, such as administrators, customer service employees, dining service staff, and facilities crews.  
  • Lessons are geared toward areas of improvement such as worksite communication skills and vocabulary, customer affairs, and supervisor relations.  
  • Classes are tailored and designed for any industry.  

The Business Diploma Programs 

Tutorial classes 

  • Specific needs of any individual can be met through a customized curriculum and intensive one-on-one language instruction.

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