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Diploma Programs

LCC’s career diploma programs help you prepare for your future in Canada or other countries. Choose the subject areas that interest you most (see programs at the bottom of this page), and talk to a registrar about your schedule.

Turn career diplomas into Co-op programs if you want to work in Canada. Our Co-op programs are ideal for study and work permit applications. LCC is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI#O19279658882).


Our Diploma Programs (over 6 months) and our Career Co-op Programs are approved by The Private Training Institutes Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education.



For more information about our designation, including an approved program list, please click here.

Career Co-op Programs

Co-op Programs (1 or 2 years total) must contain at least one 24-week Career Diploma program, plus sufficient elective courses to be full-time (20+ hours per week). Elective courses can be chosen from any other LCC programs.  The study part of Co-op is followed by a work component of equal length or less.

All students must take an English level test before registering. Students must have at least Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or have passed the Business Diploma Program to enter a Co-op program.


Co-op Program Options

Leadership Preparation Diploma

Build strong decision-making and organizational skills, clarify your goals and learn to lead a team.

  • LPD 100 – Modern Leadership Styles
  • LPD 101 – Effective Decision Making
  • LPD 102 – Collaboration and Team-Building
  • LPD 103 – Global Communication Styles
  • LPD 104 – Managing Change
  • LPD 105 – Organizational Psychology
  • LPD 106 – Dealing with Difficult People
  • LPD 107 – Mentoring and Training
  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

Global Tourism Diploma

GTD provides a background on tourism and its social, cultural and political contexts, as well as practical introductions for event planning, tour guiding, tourism promotion and customer service. Case studies and common travel problems will be examined.

  • GTD100 – Economic, Environmental, Political and Cultural Impacts
  • GTD101 – Tourism Sales and Customer Service
  • GTD102 – Transportation
  • GTD103 – Attractions and Entertainment; Creating Guided Tours
  • GTD104 – Food and Beverage Services
  • GTD105 – Hotels and Other Accommodation
  • GTD106 – Event Planning and Management
  • GTD107 – Planning and Connecting Travellers to Services
  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

International Business Management Skills Diploma Program

IBMS introduces students to management skills needed in all areas of business, especially those operating internationally.

  • IBMS100 – Organization Structure and Systems
  • IBMS101 – Managing Global Teams
  • IBMS102 – International Trade Basics 1
  • IBMS103 – E-Commerce: International Business Online
  • IBMS104 – Management Accounting
  • IBMS105 – International Trade Basics 2
  • IBMS106 – Global Economy and Strategies
  • IBMS107 – Management Ethics: Competing with Integrity
  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

Professional Communication and Marketing Diploma

Our PCM program is for anyone wanting to improve their professional English and become more promotable in the workforce. You can study for 8, 16 or 24 weeks.

  • PCM100 – Knowing and Understanding Customers
  • PCM101 – Product Research
  • PCM102 – Writing Promotional Materials
  • PCM103 – Using Social Media for Promotion
  • PCM104 – Marketing and Sales Presentations
  • PCM105 – Creative Self-Promotion
  • PCM106 – Relationships with Managers, Coworkers and Employees
  • PCM107 – Workplace Cultures
  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

Business Diploma Program

Learn fundamental skills of business communication such as writing formal emails and contributing to business meetings. Explore topics including customer service, finance, trade, marketing and office management. If you have no English resume or work experience yet, this is a good course to take before starting a Co-op program or working in Canada.

  • BDP100 – Business Communication
  • BDP101 – Business Writing
  • BDP102 – Customer Service
  • BDP103 – Management Skills
  • BDP104 – Finance
  • BDP105 – Marketing and Advertising
  • BDP106 – Career Options
  • BDP107 – Job Search Strategies
  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

TESOL Diploma Program

Our TESOL diploma (including practicum) is recognized by TESL Canada and will prepare you to teach English in Canada and abroad.

Graduates who successfully complete the program and practicum are eligible to apply for TESL Canada Level 1 (Interim) Certification. Please ask a Registrar or our TESOL Coordinator for more details.

  • Coop/Work

  • Part Time & Full Time

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