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Reaching for Success:

  • Helps your child have a better school and community experience
  • Helps your child make positive connections with their peers, teachers and neighbourhood
  • Provides your child with the tools to reach their academic goals

Building on over five years of success, “Reaching for Success” is a unique after-school program in the Tri-Cities area.


“This program helped my son a lot. It gave my son the chance to speak to other children also he could play and learn. My son couldn’t speak English, but now he understands English more than last year.”

You can join if:
  • you have children aged 6 through 12 who are attending school in the Tri-Cities area
  • your child has been identified by host school staff as needing special help
  • priority is given to children from refugee and immigrant families
  • program is limited to 25 children
Locations Available
  • Tri-Cities area (school-based)


With up to 25 other newcomer children, your child will receive:

  • Homework and vocabulary-building support, math practice
  • Physical activities and sports games
  • Art, music, drama activities
  • Computer skills

Parents can also take part in forums with host school staff to share information, stories and concerns. The forums provide:

  • An interpreter to support sharing of vital information with parents
  • Outreach and translation services
  • Opportunities for parents to volunteer or get involved

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