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MY Circle provides a safe place for you to:

  • share stories and struggles
  • deal with stress related to school home, work or being in a new country
  • make new friends
  • discuss issues of racism, trauma, discrimination, family conflict, isolation, health and other issues that concern you
  • develop skills to become a community leader
  • use your skills to help other new immigrant and refugee youth
EligibilityYou can join if you:
  • are an immigrant and refugee youth between the ages of 14 and 24, living in Metro Vancouver
  • attend an info session to see which program option is right for you
Locations Available


  • Benefit from flexible training options including schedules that range from four-session courses to 80-hour, full day sessions; gender-specific sessions for young women; and first-language sessions for youth with limited English
  • Learn facilitation, communication, and public speaking skills from experts in various fields
  • Develop consensus decision-making and project development/coordination skills to become community leaders and role models
  • Field trips to build connections with community resources
  • share experiences and discuss common concerns
  • Opportunity to provide peer support to other newcomer youth

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