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Literacy and Essential Skills Training:

  • 60-hour program that targets the specific needs of IT workers
  • was designed with input from local IT employers to meet their staff hiring and retention needs
  • covers topics that reflect latest trends in Metro Vancouver’s IT workplace
  • provides you with the opportunity to practise oral and written communication in the IT workplace.
  • teaches you critical thinking skills expected by employers
  • teaches you how to express your ideas and opinions effectively
  • guest speakers provide up-to-date information and advice on the local IT industry and jobs
  • connects you with ISSofBC’s expert Employer Relations Specialists and hiring events
You can join if you are:
  • Permanent Resident, Canadian citizen or refugee
  • Have English level of CLB 7 and higher
  • Unemployed, under-employed or working in IT but struggling with communication
  • With Experience and/or training as: Computer Programmer, Database Analyst, Data Administrator, Computer Network Technician
Locations Available
  • Vancouver
  • To learn more, email jobsuccess@issbc.org or call 604-684-2123 (ext. 1232) or visit us at #622-333 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver


  • Writing formal and informal messages, email and instant messages
  • Speaking, writing (for example, case notes) and taking notes in an IT workplace
  • Pronunciation and intonation support
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Simulations and role-plays:
    • Asking for, giving and receiving feedback
    • Supporting clients through trouble-shooting
    • Inspiring team members
    • Engaging in meetings
    • participating in status reporting
    • Explaining styles of code review
    • Making presentations using slides
  • Career goal-setting

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