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What You'll Learn

  • Understanding of Canadian culture, norms and practices
  • Knowledge of practical topics, such as housing, banking and transportation
  • Confidence in expressing yourself and interacting with others
  • Ease in making new friends from many different countries

“I started the online course to learn English for my future study and professional development. I see my progress since I started this online class, and this is helping me to be more confident and positive regarding my future.” -CLB 7/8 online student

You can join if you:
Locations Available
  • Richmond
  • New Westminster

Special Features

  • Multi-level classes delivered in-person and online, with more focused attention for CLB-1 learners in CLB 1-3 level class
  • Online CLB 4-8 classes offered for Sea-to-Sky and Sunshine Coast communities and for parents on childcare waitlist in Vancouver and Richmond
  • On-site, in-person assessment by CLBPT Assessment Centre and mobile language assessment services for applicants residing in Whistler, Pemberton and Sunshine Coast
  • Bridge online classes for those with higher listening and speaking skills and lower reading and writing skills
  • Curricula recognize specific settlement needs of clients residing in smaller communities
  • Classes are open to Canadian Citizens
  • connections with settlement and employment services

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