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*Please be aware that this page does not include a detailed breakdown of tuition fees. For prices please refer to each individual program page. 

Registration Fees:

  • $30 for Canadians and immigrants

For International Students:

  • $50 for short-term focus courses
  • $100 for part-time courses (7.5-15 hrs/week)
  • $150 for full-time courses / diploma programs
  • $250 for co-op programs

*Returning LCC students who have taken a one year break or longer are required to take a new English assessment test and pay a new registration fee.

Registration fees are not refundable.

Special Services for Students

Student ID Cards $15.00
Certificates, Diplomas and Diploma Program Transcripts – If requested within one month of course completion Free
Certificates or Diplomas – Late or repeat requests $10.00
Transcripts – Late or repeat requests, or non-diploma programs $30.00
ID Letters $10.00
Additional letters $10.00
Copy of receipts $15.00
Service fee for bank transfer $45.00

*All requests must be made in writing (info@LCC.issbc.org) or in person during regular office hours.

Fees and conditions for changes:

Before starting your program

If you must postpone your start date, here are the fees:

2 weeks’ notice or more $50
less than 2 weeks’ notice $100

*You will receive a new letter of acceptance, if needed.

After starting your program

1st change fee $100
2nd change fee $150
3rd change fee $200
4th change fee $300
  • Changes can only be made if there is a seat available in your requested course (we recommend asking 4 weeks ahead).
  • Some changes may require additional tuition fees.
  • You must provide a reason for the change, and it must be due to circumstances which you cannot control.
  • You cannot transfer your classes to another person.
  • If you are in a co-op program and want to change your diploma course, you must fill out a change request form and have it signed by both instructors.
  • Please contact the LCC office for more details.

Course Transfers, Refunds and Changes are done only from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (Mon – Thurs)

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