Study and work in vancouver! add to your resume and gain Canadian work experience.


Study International Business Management Skills (IBMS), Ledership Preparation Diploma (LDP), Professional Communication and Marketing (PCM), and Global Tourism (GTD) with co-op and get $500 off your tuition. Please see the qualifying programs below.  Our regular prices are:

48-week co-op = $4,710 | 64-week co-op = $6,325 | 96-week co-op = $8,395 | 112-week co-op = $9,475

8 months study and work + 8 months work


32 weeks of study and work + 32 weeks of work.

Pay in 2 installments

$2,912.50 when you register.
$2,912.50 when your classes start.



14 months study and work + 14 months work


56 weeks of study and work + 56 weeks of work.

Pay in 4 installments

$2,368.75 when you register.
on start week.
5 months later.
5 months later.

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*Offer valid for 64-week and 112-week co-op programs. Use coupon code: Back2school 

Register by the end of 2022. Your start day must be before April 2023.

*Students with a study permit with approved off-campus hours can work up to 20 hours a week during their study term. This offer cannot be used in combination with other promotions or discounts. Prices do not include administrative fees, material fees or registration fees. Please contact our registration team for more details.

Call or email our office to get this deal!