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Program Overview
This course improves your pronunciation by focusing on difficult vowels and consonants with special emphasis on stress and intonation. Students can study from 6 weeks to 1 year without repeating materials.

English pronunciation can be very challenging. Our Pronunciation course helps students master the sounds of Canadian English. Students learn to identify and feel the mouth position used for each sound, and to use stress, intonation, linking and other pronunciation skills during real-life communication exercises.


9:00AM – 12:00PM Duration:
6 weeks Tuition:
Other fees:
Registration fee: $50.
Students who re-register for this program may not need to pay the registration fee. More information. Start date(s): Pronunciation classes start every week!
Depending on class seat availability, students may be asked to start their course or program at a later date.




  • Have proven English proficiency of at least a Canadian Language Benchmark of 2+.




Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the intonation and stress patterns of a first-language English speaker

  • Connect your speech (using linking and vowel reduction)

  • Understand how grammar and spelling are connected to pronunciation

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Starting from October 20th, 2020, LCC can accept international students who are currently outside Canada.

Students who receive a study permit and plan to enter Canada must contact us to receive further instructions and documents which must be signed and submitted before travelling to Canada during COVID-19.

LCC COVID-19 Safety Plan and Protocols

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