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The International Business Management Skills (IBMS) Diploma program is designed to introduce concepts and develop skills needed to manage a business in an international context.  IBMS introduces students to practical skills of international workplace management using a communicative approach. Areas of focus will include the cultural context of global management, creating global teams and networks, cross-cultural negotiation and decision-making, international management ethics, risk assessment and management, trade finance, payment methods, and formulating global strategies. 


  • IBMS100 – Organization Structure and Systems
  • IBMS101 – Managing Global Teams
  • IBMS102 – International Trade Basics 1
  • IBMS103 – E-Commerce: International Business Online
  • IBMS104 – Management Accounting
  • IBMS105 – International Trade Basics 2
  • IBMS106 – Global Economy and Strategies
  • IBMS107 – Management Ethics: Competing with Integrity
Career Co-op Option

This program can be taken as a part of a Career Co-op Program.

If you take this program as part of a co-op program, you will take all 24 weeks of the diploma program plus additional elective courses. Upon successful completion of the co-op study component students are eligible to enter the co-op work component.

For more details, please contact a LCC registrar.  

Register – Career Co-op

Diploma Option

If you take the diploma option you can study for 8, 16 or 24 weeks. Students who successfully meet all the requirements for this program will receive a diploma of completion.     

 Register – Diploma Program

Eligibility Requirements

Career Co-op Diploma Program Students must:

  • Be 19+ years old or have evidence of high school graduation.
  • Have an English competency level of at least CLB 5 (upper intermediate).
  • Meet all other general eligibility requirements. *See all programs requirements.
  • If you finished an ESL courses more than 1 year before registering in a co-op program your English competency will be retested.

By the start of the co-op work component, students must:

  • Be 19+ years old.
  • Have successfully completed the co-op study component.
  • Have a Canadian Study Permit and Co-op Work Permit OR a Working Holiday Visa.
  • Have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Have valid medical insurance coverage.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make decisions to plan and manage a business more effectively

  • Demonstrate understanding of international business practices

  • Show appropriate Canadian and international management skills

  • Become familiar with a variety of business structures, leadership styles and cultural business practices

  • Understand how to use metrics to judge business success

  • Develop an e-portfolio

Course Information


  • The International Business Management Skills Diploma Program begins every Monday.


  • Students must achieve success in all 8 topics areas to receive a diploma.
  • Those who take 16 or 24 weeks will receive more in-depth coverage of each topic. Students are required to complete independent activities, graded assignments and/or exams each week.

Students are encouraged to view our English level chart or schedule an assessment test to determine their English level.

Start Date
any Monday
8 Weeks
Monday - Friday
9:30AM - 12:00PM
any Monday
16 Weeks
Monday - Friday
9:30AM - 12:00PM
any Monday
24 Weeks
Monday - Friday
9:30AM - 12:00PM

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