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Course Overview

This intense and fast-paced course is designed to challenge students to improve quickly. Monthly exams, progress reports and in-class projects assist students to improve their English competency. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the four essential skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Student progress is measured throughout the program through exams, presentations and projects. Upon successful completion students will receive a certificate of completion.

Focus Areas:

  • Work on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as presentation skills
  • Learn about Canadian culture


  • Be 17+ years old. If a student in any program is under the age of 19, a parent or adult guardian must sign their contract.
  • Students must have at least a CLB level of 4 (upper intermediate level) or higher to take Intensive English.
  • All students must take an English competency test to determine their English level before they start studying. If you have a recent, CLBPT, IELTS, TOEFL, or CLB test score, please provide us with a copy of your results when you register for a program.

Students are encouraged to view our English level chart or schedule an assessment test to determine their English level.


Learning Outcomes

  • Speak more effectively and clearly

  • Improve English grammar when writing and speaking

  • Develop better listening and reading skills

Course Information

Intensive English Classes start every four weeks. For a list of upcoming start dates, please see below.

Start Date
*See below
4 weeks
Mon - Fri
9:30AM - 12PM
Upcoming Start Dates: Dec 3, 2018, Jan 7, Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 1, Apr 29, May 27, Jun 24, Jul 22, Aug 19, Sep 16, Oct 15, Nov 12 and Dec 9, 2019
No classes from Dec 24, 2019 - Jan 1, 2020
There is a textbook fee of $50 for each level. When you go up a level, you will need a new textbook.

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