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LCC offers CLB Placement tests onsite or at your location.

Fees per person:

  • LCC students who are registered for more than 300 hours: $50 onsite at LCC
  • Non-LCC students: $100 at our location, $120 at your location for groups of 4-8.

Test Details:

Individual tests take 1.5 hours, and candidates receive scores for all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) immediately after the test. A group of 6 candidates can be tested in 3.5 hours.

More Information

  • Your scores show your ability to use English in daily tasks. Last minute studying will not affect your results.

  • If you have recently taken a CLB Placement test or LINC Placement test, you should wait at least 3 months before scheduling another one. It takes time for your scores to improve.

  • CLB Placement tests are low-stakes tests used for program entry only.

  • CLB Placement tests CANNOT be used for Canadian citizenship requirements.

  • LCC does not provide tests for entry into LINC programs - candidates should contact a LINC program for details, and receive a test at a LINC test centre.


To check our current CLB testing schedule and to reserve your time, contact Evelyn Aguilar at evelyn.aguilar@LCC.issbc.org.

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