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Learn fundamental skills of business communication such as writing formal emails and contributing to business meetings. Explore topics including customer service, finance, trade, marketing and office management. If you have no English resume or work experience yet, this is a good course to take before starting a Co-op program or working in Canada.


  • BDP100 – Business Communication
  • BDP101 – Business Writing
  • BDP102 – Customer Service
  • BDP103 – Management Skills
  • BDP104 – Finance
  • BDP105 – Marketing and Advertising
  • BDP106 – Career Options
  • BDP107 – Job Search Strategies

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be 17+ years old. If a student in any program is under the age of 19, a parent or adult guardian must sign their contract. 
  • Have proven English proficiency of at least a Canadian Language Benchmark of 4 (intermediate).

Before registering for a course you will need to provide proof of English Proficiency. This can be done by providing a valid IELTS, TOEFL, CLBPT or CELPIP score or by taking LCC’s English Assessment. 

If you finished an ESL program more than 1 year before registering for a co-op program your English competency will be reevaluated. 

Career Co-op Diploma Program Students must:

  • Be 19+ years old or have evidence of high school graduation.
  • Have proven English proficiency of at least a Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 (upper intermediate).




After students successfully complete all 8 weeks of the Business Diploma Program, they will have completed the prerequisite for any Diploma Program or Career Co-op Program.

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Diploma Option

If you take the diploma option you can study for 8, 16 or 24 weeks. Students who successfully meet all the requirements for this program will receive a diploma of completion.     

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Our Business Diploma Program has been approved by the Private Training Institutes Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education.



For more information about our designation, including an approved program list, please click here.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice business vocabulary for a wide range of work-related topics

  • Speak English professionally to find and keep work in Canada

  • Write effective business letters, emails and other documents

  • Handle challenging telephone conversations

  • Understand basic accounting, banking and finance ideas

  • Create Canadian style resumes and cover letters for your job search

Course Information

Start on Monday any week, and pass all 8 topics to receive a diploma. Students can take 2 cycles (16 weeks), and receive different materials every week. Complete independent activities, graded assignments and/or exams each week.

Students are encouraged to view our English level chart or schedule an assessment test to determine their English level.

Start Date
any Monday
8 Weeks
Monday - Friday
12:30 - 3:00PM
any Monday
16 Weeks
Monday - Friday
12:30 - 3:00PM

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