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Entering Canada Update

December 15, 2021

Entering Canada Update

As announced by CBSA, effective immediately, fully vaccinated travellers who have been in any country other than Canada and the United States in the 14 days prior to entry into Canada may be selected for arrival testing.

If selected for random testing, they must quarantine in a suitable place until they receive a negative test result. They may take public transportation (for example, connecting flight, train or bus) to their place of quarantine.

The Government of Canada is increasing the number of fully vaccinated travellers being selected for testing to reach 100% of vaccinated travellers in the coming weeks. 

Requirements for unvaccinated travellers remain unchanged. Please see the following news release for more information.

The Languages Canada Study Safe Corridor now offers 3-day quarantine packages for fully vaccinated students while awaiting arrival test results.

Fully vaccinated students must quarantine while awaiting their arrival test results. They may quarantine in their final destination (a private residence, homestay, on-campus residence, etc.) so long as the location meets the Government of Canada definition of a “suitable place” for quarantine. 

In some cases, the students’ planned place of residence may not meet this definition (e.g., if the homestay provider is aged 65+, or if the place of residence is a shared space). These students will require alternative arrangements for their arrival quarantine. To support members and students in meeting these quarantine requirements, the Languages Canada Study Safe Corridor now offers 3-day quarantine packages for fully vaccinated students awaiting arrival test results. 

These packages can be booked online on the Study Safe Corridor TRAVEL SAFE site.


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