Welcome to LCC’s Career Co-op Program!

The LCC student centre provides students with the information they need to complete their co-op program successfully.

Please view the Co-op Orientation Video (below) and read the attached Career Co-op Student Information Package as it contains very important information about your program.

Reminders about your co-op study term.

Before you start your classes you will receive a course outline with important information about to your program.

Please review the following before you start your classes:

  • Attendance requirements
  • Learning outcomes
  • LCC resources

Have you attended Co-op Orientation?

This orientation is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the career co-op program. All co-op students are encouraged to attend at the beginning and end of their study term so that they understand the expectations and requirements of their co-op program.

Before you finish studying, contact the Co-op Coordinator: coopwork@lcc.issbc.org

The co-op coordinator can help you to review your study term progress and arrange your co-op work placement.

Need help finding a co-op work placement?

Schedule a free interview and resume consultation.

LCC’s interview & resume consultations are an opportunity for co-op students to gain the skills necessary to successfully enter the Canadian workforce. Students receive useful interview tips and can have their resume and cover letter reviewed. Information about co-op employers and upcoming job fairs are also provided.

*Please note that dates and times may change based on instructor availability.

Reminders about your co-op work term.

During your work term you are required to submit reports and documents as part of your academic requirements.

Please make sure you understand all of the academic requirements prior to starting your co-op work term.

Before you start your job search students are responsible for purchasing and maintaining valid medical insurance. If you have questions about this, please speak to a Registrar in room 601.

Instructions: How to submit your career co-op documents.

Before you begin your co-op work term you need to submit your Co-op Work Experience Agreement

*Your Co-op Work Experience Agreement needs to be approved by the Career Co-op Coordinator before your co-op work placement can begin.

Every month during your co-op work term you need to submit your Work Experience Time Sheet and -Work Experience Monthly Progress Report.

At the end of your co-op work term please have your boss complete and submit your Work Placement Evaluation Form.

When you have submitted all of the above documents you need to schedule a career co-op post-work tutorial.

Career co-op tutorials are free but must be completed before your program end date. Students need to complete a career co-op tutorial in order to successfully complete their co-op program.

To schedule a co-op tutorial please email: coopwork@lcc.issbc.org

Do you need your co-op work forms?

You can now download all the required co-op work experience documents here.


How do I submit my career co-op work forms?

You can either bring your forms to the LCC registration office or email them to coopwork@LCC.issbc.org

Have more questions? 

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Co-op Programs.

For further assistance please email: coopwork@lcc.issbc.org