Welcome to LCC’s
Career Co-op Program!



This page provides students with the information they need to complete their co-op program successfully.


Co-op students are also encouraged to read and review the following resource document for information related to their co-op program.

Co-op Student Information Package


Tips for a successful co-op program.


Watch LCC's online orientation video and review your Student Information Package.


Understand your academic requirements. Students who do not complete the academic requirements of their study term are not eligible for the co-op work term.


Prepare for your co-op work term. Take advantage of LCC's free job support services and arrange your co-op placement. 

STEP 4. 

Stay on top of your paperwork. During your work experience component you are required to submit reports and documents. 

STEP 1. Review your Student Information Package.
This orientation package is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the career co-op program. All co-op students are encouraged to review these materials at the beginning and end of their study term so that they understand the expectations and requirements of their co-op program.

STEP 2.  Understand your academic requirements.

Academic requirements for

Diploma Programs.

Academic requirements for

Elective Programs.

80%+ attendance required.

70%+ assessment score for weekly tests, presentations and assignments.

attendance required.


STEP 4. Complete your co-op work term reports.
During your work term, you are required to submit reports and documents as part of your academic requirements. Students will be emailed copies of these reports during their study term .
Please make sure you understand all of the documents prior to starting your work experience. 

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Instructions: Work Experience Reports

Before you begin your co-op work term
submit a copy of the Co-op Work Experience Agreement

This agreement needs to be approved by the college before your co-op work experience can begin.

Every month while you are working
you need to submit your Work Experience Time Sheet and Work Experience Monthly Progress Report.

At the end of your co-op work term
please have your Manager or Supervisor complete and submit your Work Placement Evaluation Form. When you have submitted all of the above documents you need to schedule a career co-op post-work tutorial.

Tutorial Requirements

Personal Improvement Plan 

Future Work Plan

Career co-op tutorials must be completed before your program end date. Students need to complete a tutorial in order to successfully complete their co-op program. To schedule a co-op tutorial please email: coopwork@lcc.issbc.org

Still have questions?
Contact a co-op advisor at coopwork@LCC.issbc.org